My Juvederm Lip Injections

With months of gossip about Kylie Jenner’s sudden but fabulously plush lips it makes you contemplate if juvederm lip injections are really the way to go. I mean, look how great she looks now. It definitely balanced her facial features. She totally went from average to stunning.

I thought I could use a little stunning in my life. So I decided it  was time for me to give lip injections a second try!

Lip injections are definitely a little nerve-racking. I mean, what if they are too big? what will I do if they come out with lumpy? Will I be ok if they are super uneven? What if they look ducky and ridiculous? Really, the list goes on. And on. And on (you know what I’m talking about).

All that worry is exactly why it’s so important to choose a doctor that you trust and has an excellent portfolio. I decided to go to Dr. Grigoryants. I know I’ve mentioned him countless times before, but it’s truly a rare find to find a doctor that is knowledgeable and honest, on top of being so down-to-earth. When you go his office, he makes you feel like you are sitting down with a long-time family friend. Call me crazy, but that makes me feel a lot more comfortable with a person who is about to stick a needle in my face.

I scheduled my reservation and went in with my ice chest in hand. We discussed a couple of options and decided to go with the Juvederm Ultra XC. (And since he is so awesome he let me take pictures of the actual process.)

So first, let’s start with a before picture.






Before Juvederm Lip Injections

Juverderm Lip Injections

And now for the actual process of juvederm lip injections.

The first thing that is done is the numbing cream. It’s applied to the areas which are going to be injected with the filler.

Next, you have to wait for it to make the area numb. I waited for approximately 30-40 mins.

Then, I applied my own ice for 2-3 mins on the area because the ice should help shrink any blood vessels and minimize chances of being hit. Once your wait time is over, the area is wiped off and the injections begin.

As I’ve mentioned in my other lip filler post, there are always more needle pricks than you would expect. And for me personally, my lips are super sensitive! So yea, this area typically hurts.

However, it’s not pain that I would never want to tolerate again.

Since this was my second time, it did seem better than the last time (maybe because I was anticipating pain).

After a few injections the doctor massages the area, moving the product to the right shape and smoothing out any lumps. This does feel like someone is pressing on a fresh bruise.

My family teases me that I have a zero in pain tolerance, so maybe I’m just a baby. But hey, I did this twice. So you can do it, no problem.

Here are the pics of the actual injections, but fair warning: it gets bloody.

What to expect afterwards

By the time that I was out to my car the swelling had begun. My lips still felt numb for the most part, due to the lidocaine in the Juvederm.

For those of you that have never had injections, it always gets worse before it gets better. I looked ridiculous right after from all the swelling. Here take a look:

Haha that second picture makes me laugh.

Those pictures are E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what you don’t want to look like (or maybe you do. I’m not judging). Initial swelling is probably why there is so much immediate panic by a first-timer. So I understand if you’ve never had injections before how that can be very scary.

But calm down and don’t freak out. The swelling will go away and it goes away relatively quickly—typically a few days at the most.

Back to my adventure.

I took some Ibuprofen when I got home. And later that night some of the initial swelling had already gone down. However, I could tell that I was starting to get a bruise (darn!).

Oh well, whatcha going to do. I did love the fullness, even though they were huge at that moment.

First Day After Juvederm Injections

The next day they looked even bigger, and I could see a bruise forming above my lip (double darn!). The lips at this point felt pretty tender, but it’s not too bad.

The Second Day After Juvederm

The bruising definitely got darker. But as far as pain/discomfort/tenderness goes that subsided quickly. I did have a few lumps and if I flipped my lip up I could see them there.

I’ve read that other people were massaging their lips, but I did not massage the product (the lumps eventually went away). My guess is: it’s just trauma and once the swelling goes down they do too.

My lips seemed swollen in the morning when I woke up, and seemed to go down throughout the day. Here is the morning pic and two pictures from later that day.

I usually give myself about three days “recovery” after injections, but yes, I eventually had to leave the house. With the bruise getting darker, the only way to go is a deep colored lipstick and a heavy concealer to cover the bruising. See, you can’t even tell.

Juvederm Lips

Day 3

The bruises were pretty dark by the third day. AND my bottom lip started to develop a small bruise (*sigh*).

Day 4

My lips were still bruised. Although I think it looked better than it did yesterday. The skin above my lip though seems about the same. It looks like I have a mustache. lol

I took these pictures right before bed so of course I sleep with dots—enough dots are a good burglar deterrent. Just saying.

Day 5

The bruising is still there, but they are getting lighter.

 I want to note that there are fluctuations between the lips looking fuller and thinner. In addition to flippy/ducky and normal looking. So don’t panic if you notice this. It just seems to happen with lip injections.

Day 8

At eight days post, the bruises on my lips were finally light enough to wear an opaque nude color lip stick.

Made of Lovely

Day 11

Here I am at 11 days post. I rubbed the heck out of my skin above my lip, which seriously made the bruise disappear by the next day. So it seems that massaging an old bruise helps it disappear quickly.

Day 17

Day 25

One Month After Juvederm Injections

juvederm results

Two Months After

juvederm results

Six Months After

Lip Injections - Made of Lovely

One Year After

Lip Injections - Made of Lovely

In conclusion

I love the results I got with Juvederm lip injections. So far, I like it more than the Restylane that I had previously because it seems to stay more even. It also seems to be lasting a little better. I do wish that the fullness at the 11 days post would have stayed, because while I feel like my lips are definitely fuller, it’s not as significant as I would like. My lips feel soft, and not lumpy. Lip injections with Juvederm gets two thumbs up from me.

Have you tried lip injections before? Going to give them a shot? Let me know about your experience! Questions are always welcome, so leave them in the comment box. I do check them and respond. This isn’t a ghost blog.

Stay Lovely, XOXO

18 thoughts on “My Juvederm Lip Injections”

  1. I just got my lip injections yesterday, there is some bruising but I am pleased already. Thank you for your blog, I read it a couple of days ago before going for my very first lip fillers. Keep doing what you do, it is great reading for people who
    want to see the result before going for the treatments. Again, thank you.

  2. Just come across your blogs and somewhat feel reassured but nervous. I got my lips done 4 days and my lips are appear to be very bruised above my upper lip. I can con cover the slight bruising on my lip, however the bruising above the lip becomes visible not long after concealer so I have to keep reapplying. How long lid the brushing above your lips go away? And did it permanently go? I’m starting to feel like it’s not going to go and I’m permanently going to look like Charlie Chaplin lol

    1. Hi Tania.
      I felt the same way when my upper lip was bruised! It took my bruising about 10 days to go away. I was so tired of having a “mustache” by that point, that the ninth night I massaged the heck out of the skin where the bruise was (being careful to avoid where any of the product was). I believe that made the bruise virtually disappear over night because day 10 it was all gone. Just have patience and you will be fine. And a tip for the concealer: use a pink-undertoned cream concealer with a translucent powder on top. Layer cream then powder until you get the coverage you need. That will help it last a lot longer. I either use MAC full coverage (NW shade) or the “blue” concealer by The Makeup Store (it’s not blue, it covers blue. confusing name yes, I know) and MAC’s pressed translucent powder. Hang in there, it’ll all end up just fine. 🙂

  3. Hiya

    Thank you for your blog, Its made me feel a little less alien now. I just got my lips done about 3 days ago and I have quite a lot of bruising inside and under my lip, just like yours! They also feel slightly tingly. I also have some bumps but I’m trying not to panic just yet :-/ now I’ve herd your story I don’t feel so bad.
    Do you think mine will heal like yours and did you experience everything I have.

    Yours look amazing by the way. xxx

    1. Hi Chloe.
      Yes, I experienced very similar things as you. I find that the “bumps” are just trauma areas to the skin and they subside with time. Some people hardly have any trauma with injections, while others require a little more downtime (like me). I’m glad my experience has helped you. 🙂

  4. This has really put me to comfort! I had my lips done yesterday and the broozing has really started to come and my right top lip is fatter than the left side like yours which i have been really worried about! I’m glad i have seen your blog which has photos so i can compare and know things will get better:)

  5. I am getting my lips done for the first time ever and am SO SCARED. I’ve had a tattoo completed that took over 7 hours total, but for dinner reason I’m just terrified. (I cringe and have a really hard time with iv’s, etc. Botox is finally not too bad for me.) Than you for writing this. You look amazing! I’m hoping I won’t have as much bruising because I have a trip coming up. Fingers crossed!

  6. Thank you so much for this. I have bruising which is pretty bad so I was starting to panic! This has made me feel loads better.
    Your lips look amazing I can’t wait until mine have settled down a bit 🙂

  7. So glad I found your blog! I just got my lips injected with Juvaderm Ultra for the first time today. Had Restylane previously, but this is totally different, the bruising had me completely freaked out until I found this post. Now I know what I can expect in the next few days. Thank you so much for this!

  8. Oh thank goodness I saw this post!! I had my Juvederm lip fillers done yesterday and the bruising looks pretty much like yours did. I was starting to worry a bit there. Thank you so much for this post – I’m not panicking as much anymore 🙂 I’m happy with mine – they look so amazing on the side that isnt bruised. Cant wait for day 11 now 😉 xxx

    1. Yes! Just be patient the results come! I am glad this gave you the reassurance you needed! It’s hard having things done and not really knowing what to expect, so that makes me psyched to be of help!

    1. Hi Sierra. I am not sure what size syringe Dr. G used. I leave that up to him to decide, after I tell him my expectations (which were natural looking fuller lips). Also, I don’t remember the exact cost and I would really hate to misquote you as every person’s needs are different but typically fillers start at $650. As far as the results lasting, I am now 10months post and I believe there is still a tiny bit left but I definitely would like to have a touch-up soon. Juvederm is a filler that will last longer and longer the more you have it done. Clinical studies say 2 years (I believe). Of course it doesn’t look as it did in the beginning but you can tell that the product is still there.

  9. Thanks so much for writing this review it was extremely helpful. One question, do you know how much of the syringe the dr used? I keep seeing an advertisement for a deal on half a syringe of Juvederm, which they say in the advertisement is the perfect amount for lips, but from what I’ve read online most girls do more than half.

    1. Hi Amanda. I am not sure what size syringe was used but I do know that I used a full one. In my opinion, half a syringe would only be good for the slightest enhancement and in my opinion isn’t worth it. On the other hand, if you had them done somewhat recently and want them just a tad larger then a half of a syringe may be all you need. My point is: if this is a “new” procedure I would go with a full syringe. Do note that there are typically a few different sized syringes so that’s why it’s more important to discuss what your expectations are.

  10. Hi! Love your results, how long would you say Dr G took to do the injections? Would you get them again with him?

    1. The whole procedure was approximately 60 minutes. That includes numbing cream wait time. The actual inject part was really quick. It only felt like 10 mins if that. And yes, I will definitely go back! I think I’ll do a lip touch-up come fall. I really loved my results.

  11. Love your blog. You answer many questions I had about lip injections. I didn’t see anywhere to subscribe to you blog. I’d love to see any future posts or updates. Thanks!

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