Jaw Contouring with Juvederm

The camera can be a terrible terrible thing… but it never lies. Ok, it might lie a little. But I’ve been noticing an “aged” look whenever I am in pictures or on camera and it’s so frustrating because I’m not that old! So I figured it was time to complain to someone who could do something about it. My doctor recommended that I try juvederm jaw contouring for my concerns, so hey, why not?

Well, of course there’s a ‘why not’ but I’ve already read about the potential dangers and side affects and I’m fine with that. I’ve never had any issued with fillers and I’ve been getting fillers for years. So, I was ready to try juvederm for jaw contouring.

Of course, let’s start with some before pictures to identify my concerns:

Jaw contouring Jaw countouring Pre-Jowl Marionette line

Jaw line contouring will get help get rid of the appearance of jowls. The idea is: if the jaw line is defined before the jowl area and after the jowl area, then the jowl should disappear. Especially if it isn’t really prominent to begin with. So that’s what I was after – little jowls gone and killer jaw line… And since I’m there, a little Restylane in the cheek area and then I should be good.

If you’ve never had fillers before the first thing that typically happens is you are given numbing cream that sits on the area to be treated for approximately 20-40mins. Which is one reason I don’t even bother wearing any makeup to this type of appointment.

Some doctors do an ice pack which seriously helps with bruising. So if your doctor doesn’t do the ice thing, bring your own crushed ice in a baggy (and probably a mini ice chest) and ask if you can use it. Agitate the ice as you hold it on the area for a good minute or two.

Next the area is cleaned with something that smells like rubbing alcohol (maybe because it is rubbing alcohol), and then the injections will begin.

There’s always more needle pricks than you would expect. The good news is it doesn’t hurt too badly. Definitely tolerable. My lip injections experience was by far the most painful thing I’ve done yet and it still wasn’t so bad that I would never do it again.

I find that injections in the jaw area leave you looking relatively normal. I’ve had some injections where I looked completely freaky from the residual swelling. However, I would feel comfortable going somewhere (if I could wear makeup to hide the bruising/redness) on day of treatment for my jaw line. With any other type of injection, I’d say you better plan on going home and waiting a day or so.

Before I show you my immediately after pictures, I do have to add how awkward it always is when you are walking to your car and your face is bruised/bloody/distorted. Especially, if your doctor is by some other normal business like an insurance company. It’s definitely comically awkward.

I did get bruised because I DID NOT USE ICE! D’oh. I forgot my ice chest. Next time. Ok here’s the pics:

Juvederm injections Juvederm Injections

The Juvederm injections were placed by the jaw joint and in front of the jowl area. After a couple of hours is when the “pain” comes. It isn’t unbearable pain, it feels more like moderate TMJ-like you’ve been chewing steak for way too long. BUT look how lovely that jaw line is after a couple of days.

After Juvederm Injections After Juvederm

I noticed a little relapse at the four month mark so I went back and had a touch-up. Here I am 5 months post initial visit with a touch-up:

Jaw Line Contouring

Final Pictures

Here I am at 6 months post initial and one month post touch-up:

BAM! Nice jaw line. Jaw Line Contouring


Ok, enough of that, here are the real pictures:

Jaw line Jawline Juvederm Experience


WORTH IT RATING: Yes, five stars all the way. Juvederm jaw contouring is so subtle but makes a big difference. It’s not too painful, and looks really natural. It seems like it really helped balance my face. The only con is that it is not permanent (which could be a pro, depending on how you want to look at it)

Have you tried juvederm? Jaw contouring? How’d it go? I’d love to hear from you. Seriously. Leave a comment in the comment section.

Stay lovely.




4 thoughts on “Jaw Contouring with Juvederm”

  1. You look amazing after jaw contouring! What was the final cost$ ?? I am currently waiting to have the same thing done. I just turned 35 and had massive tmj issues and dental changes done. Over the past 2 and a half years my jaw has changed significantly. Your post gives me hope that j can get my face back, thank you.

    1. Hi Cheri.
      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having trouble with your TMJ, that is definitely not fun! I know an amazing dentist that treats TMD/TMJ if you are in California. As for the cost, it really just depends on a person’s needs. I can’t remember now what I paid but typically fillers start at $650. And yes, there is definitely hope! Take care.

  2. Have you ever used Dr. Grigoryants for under eye fillers? I’m considering Belotero injections when I go for my rhinoplasty follow-up appointment.

    1. I did have Restylane injections in the upper part of my cheek close to the tear trough area by Dr. Grigoryants, and hes fantastic at what he does. I find that i get bruised so have some down time or a really good concealor.

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