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Hyperpigmentation Be Gone! Thanks Cosmelan!

I’ve been battling melasma and hyper-pigmentation for the past eight years. My skin took a hit when I first started on BC pills. I took them for about five years, and needless to say my body did not like them. I had headaches all the time, my hair was falling out like crazy, I had bad chest pains, and I developed really bad Melasma. I had enough. I got off the medicine and began my search for hyperpigmentation treatments.

I spent years looking into what would be best for me. I looked into lasers, but there seemed to be a lot of mixed feelings about that by the professionals (in regards to using lasers specifically on melasma).

I tried prescription hydroquinone with only minimal success. But one day, while scouring the internet, I came across this medical spa that was offering a Cosmelan treatment for melasma/hyperpigmentation. I went for a consultation and quickly found out the treatment is fairly expensive (like $900), but I honestly think that better skin is worth a hefty price tag.

Luckily, I am a licensed cosmetologist and I can buy it on my own. So I decided to go for it and share my journey with you!

Of course we have to start with some before pictures:

Hyperpigmentation, MelasmaHyperpigmentation, melasmaMelasma, Hyperpigmentation



First, I washed my face with Mesoestitic hydra milk cleanser (which I love because it’s so gentle), I chose not to do the toner but if you go to a professional they most likely will not skip that step. Next, I applied the degreasing solution which smells like nail polish remover and burns in some spots.

Then, with gloved hands I applied the Cosmelan treatment. It feels sort of like a mud mask. It started to “burn” a little after a few minutes – it’s not unbearable but it doesn’t feel great either.

Here’s what it looked like:

Cosmelan Mask Photo Jan 19, 3 21 25 PM Photo Jan 19, 3 21 30 PM

Since I have skin type III I was required to leave the mask on for approximately eight hours. After a few hours my face really started to itch, but since I’ve mastered the art of of self-control it was no biggy — kidding! It was really hard not to touch my face, but I just ignored it by keeping myself busy doing other things like running in circles in the family room.

Here’s what it looked like by the end of the eight hours:

Cosmelan Treatment

I rinsed it off with water, and it started to burn again. So I used cold water, and then gently dried my face with a clean, soft towel. Next I applied the Mesoestetic Hydra Factor K lotion and it burned yet again.

Afterwards, my face was a tiny bit swollen and pretty red. It seemed like a lot of the melasma had already lightened. Here’s what my skin looked like:

Cosmelan Photo Jan 19, 11 43 16 PM Cosmelan


The next night you are supposed to use the Cosmelan 2 at-home jar, which is supposed to help lighten the dark spots even more.

I applied mine before bed. After I waited 15 minutes, I put the Hydra Vital K lotion on top— which, surprise, burned like the dickens! The next day I woke up with tiny bumps all over my face (which I’m thinking could be tiny blisters). In retrospect, I probably should’ve waited a few days for the Cosmelan 2 in-spite of the product’s instructions, as skin can only take so much “burning”.

Anyways, my skin began to peel and makeup didn’t look great on top of that. Luckily, the foundation I use is relatively moisturizing. So I do think that helped. Here are the pictures:

Cosmelan Cosmelan Cosmelan

I started to use aloe vera gel before putting on the lotion which helped minimize the burning and itching that was going on. I stopped using Cosmelan 2, and decided I would wait at least a week before starting again with that.

Here’s what I looked like after three days (blisters were still there but overall skin was pretty glowy):

Cosmelan Cosmelan

My skin was really nice after about the 10 day mark, and I noticed a drastic difference in the pigmentation already. I started using the Cosmelan 2, twice a week, and only at night.

The product’s protocol calls for a touch-up treatment a couple of weeks later on the melasma spots that didn’t go away. So here I go, Round 2!

Cosmelan Melasma Treatment – Round 2

Cosmelan Cosmelan


The second time around I hardly felt any burning sensation, and I didn’t experience the blistering like I did the first time.

I continued with the Cosmelan 2 twice a week, and at night only. When I wasn’t using the treatment, I would use the aloe vera before the lotion. After about two weeks with the Cosmelan 2 application, I realized my skin was still peeling so I took a week off from it (and I’m still on a week-on week-off sort of a schedule).

Here is my skin one month after the initial treatment:


I am suppose to use the Cosmelan 2 for about six months morning and night. But since my skin seems to be a little more sensitive to it, I predict it will take me much longer to finish that jar (haha I’m a great psychic).

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am really impressed and my skin looks way better than it did before I started the treatment.

With a lot of the pigmentation gone, I can now see that I have a few acne scars and some broken capillaries so I may venture into some laser treatments for those. And I definitely want to do a Jessner peel this fall/winter. Well, we’ll see. It’s hard for me to have a lot of down-time (a.k.a. not being able to wear makeup or go out). And of course, I will keep you updated!

Have you given Cosmelan a try? I’d love to know! If you have any questions put them in the comment box below!





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  1. The before and after pictures in the article are truly impressive! It’s amazing to see the transformation that Cosmelan can bring about in just a few months. Makes me curious to know more about the long-term effects and maintenance of results.

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