The Pendulum Swing

Before we dive into the five pieces of building that relationship house we discussed in the last post, there’s one other concept that’s really important to grasp. While I don’t know your specific starting point, there is a common experience that we all have when we begin to challenge our internal belief systems. I came …

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Want To Improve Your Relationship? Here's What No One Taught You |Made of Lovely

Want To Improve Your Relationship? Here’s What No One Taught You.

Have you ever had the experience of an “ah-hah” moment when you discover a golden nugget or a “piece of the puzzle” you’ve been missing? Often times, we simply don’t know what we don’t know. But if we can start to bring awareness and understanding to the situations that we’re struggling with, then there’s a …

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Exploring Montana | Made of Lovely

Exploring Montana

When you live somewhere as large as the USA there’s a lot of cool and interesting places to travel. One place I’ve been that was total eye-candy was Montana. And yes, while you’re there there’s plenty of popular places to go like Glacier National Park & Yellow Stone. But if you’re looking for some relatively …

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DIY jewelry stand

Affordable DIY Jewelry Stand

I’ve found that as I’m getting older the type of jewelry I’m wearing is changing. Which means that it’s time for a new jewelry stand! I was obsessing over a gorgeous sleek jewelry stand I saw online, but I couldn’t justify spending $70 on a jewelry stand. You know what that means—time for DIY! I …

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