My Juvederm Lip Injections


With months of gossip about Kylie Jenner’s sudden but fabulously plush lips it makes you contemplate if juvederm lip injections are really the way to go. I mean, look how great she looks now. It definitely balanced her facial features. She totally went from average to stunning. I thought I could use a little stunning […]

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Jaw Contouring with Juvederm

The camera can be a terrible terrible thing… but it never lies. Ok, it might lie a little. But I’ve been noticing an “aged” look whenever I am in pictures or on camera and it’s so frustrating because I’m not that old! So I figured it was time to complain to someone who could do […]

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My Lip Injections Experience

After Lip Fillers

We all want luscious Angelina Jolie lips, right? Ok, maybe not. But I’m sure most of us smaller lipped people wouldn’t mind having a fuller pout! My lips have always been on the thinner side—my top lip seeming a little more so than my bottom lip. I noticed that I actually had a hard time […]

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